Larry Yuan Cybersecurity & Fullstack Developer

corCTF 2021

Last weekend, my CTF team hosted our first capture the flag competition. I was involved in creating several of the web challenges, with the rest of them being created by my teammate, Bryce. I’ve selected the 4 that I was involved in to create writeups for.

picoCTF 2021

picoCTF 2021 was held between March 16th and 30th. Overall, there were quite a few interesting and fun problems. I’ve selected two of the problems that stood out: Some Assembly Required 4 and BitHug.

The Sounds of MapleStory

MapleStory is a side scrolling MMORPG that I used to play a lot, originally developed by Wizet which was purchased by Nexon. After coming back to it for a bit over the previous summer, I rediscovered one of my favorite aspects of the game: the music.

Don't Trust User Input!

DMOJ CTF ‘21 was a CTF that I created for fun on the DMOJ programming platform. It consisted of 22 challenges that ranged from beginner to intermediate difficulty. I want to highlight one of the problems that I developed, which teaches a lesson about proper authentication mechanisms.