Thyme is an educational game to assist teenagers in time management, and tracking. Final project for my Grade 12 AP Computer Science class.

Centralized Logging and Alert System

Alert system using ElasticSearch’s Beats that alerts the user of suspicious event/audit logs through a web interface. Written for the CyberTitan national security competition. Compatible with both Windows and Linux.

Websocket Tunnel

Program that tunnels traffic over WebSocket, optionally over an SSL/HTTPS connection with a LetsEncrypt certificate. Useful for bypassing advanced firewalls like China’s “Great Firewall”. Server and client both written in Go.

Discord Anti-Spam

Simple anti-spam system for the Discord chat platform. Uses many algorithms that work together to keep a Discord server clean of unwanted users. Written in Node.js and uses the Discord.js library.

Mackenzie Computer Programming Team Website

Website for my high school (William Lyon Mackenzie)’s programming team. Uses the Jekyll rendering engine to maximize automation and minimize duplicate code.

DMOJ Account Switcher

Chrome extension that simplifies managing multiple accounts on the DMOJ modern online judge platform. Very useful for people who wish to do contests without the pressure to do well by peers.

Discord Verification Bot

Discord bot that connects each user to a Google account, optionally verifying that their email is from a specific domain. Currently used on the Mackenzie Computer Programming Team Discord server to ensure a clean server. Written in Node.js using the Discord.js library.