Over years of programming and learning, I’ve had lots of different projects and made a few cool things here and there. These are some interesting ones.


School club that runs the MCPT Online Judge. I am responsible for architecting the club’s internal server network and developed a system of horizontally scalable services. To automate the process, I’ve written internal tools like a WireGuard configuration manager and various Ansible scripts to fully automate the process of scaling up.


22 challenge CTF contest developed by me and held on the DMOJ: Modern Online Judge platform.

MapleStory Sounds

Archival project for all the sounds heard in the MapleStory MMORPG, extracted directly from the game’s data files. Includes sounds over multiple versions of the game from the early 2000s to 2021.

Discord Antispam

Simple anti-spam system for Discord, using various algorithms to detect and automatically punish spammers.


Tunnels a Socks5 proxy over a WebSockets connection with optional TLS encryption and SNI spoofing. Able to bypass most firewalls (including China’s GFW).